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The Oregon Association of Independent Accountants was formed in 1946, as the "Oregon Association of Public Accountants". Our name was changed in January 1991 to reflect a broader scope and the diversity of the organization's membership. The 皇冠App下载 is an organization of accounting and tax professionals in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We are an affiliate of the National Society of Accountants. 皇冠App下载 members enjoy many advantages and benefits.


皇冠App下载 is committed to maintaining a favorable learning atmosphere for the attendees and speakers.  Attendees are expected to behave in such a manner that allows speakers to effectively carry out their presentations.

We need to be respectful of our speakers.  If you don't agree with certain aspects of their message, please bring it to the attention of the 皇冠App下载  Board and we will address the issue.

Attendee behavior that is disruptive or unruly, or that interferes with the education process or speaker's ability to teach effectively is unacceptable.


Privacy Policy:  We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information or anyone.



Please e-mail any questions you have about our organization to our Membership Committee. We encourage feedback to improve the information on this website. What would you like to see? Please send any comments or suggestions to 皇冠App下载 Webmaster.